Exploring the Complexities of Opioid Use Disorder

Throughout, the United States opioids have seeped their way into rural and urban communities, affecting people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Public Health officials are calling the opioid epidemic the worst drug crisis in our country’s history. In this article we explore the complexities of opioid use disorder and discuss the hope provided by advancements in medical technology, shining light on possible solutions to the epidemic.

Why Your Organization Should Enlist an MSW Intern

Tis the season for expounding the virtues of professional social workers. Social work is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. As of 2017, over 650,000 individuals hold social work degrees. Committed to creating positive change, these individuals go to work everyday to address disadvantage through service delivery and advocacy, while simultaneously influencing broader social issues affecting our most vulnerable citizens. During the fall of 2016, I enrolled in the Advanced Standing Program at Columbia University’s School of Social Work with the desire to contribute to this positive impact. 

As a Master of Social Work (MSW) intern at the Council on Accreditation, and in honor of National Professional Social Work Month, I would like share six reasons why your organization can benefit from having an MSW intern:

Tips for Creating a Dialogue in the Strategic Planning Process

We know that strategic planning is a crucial process for all organizations.  Notice the emphasis is placed on the process as opposed to the plan.  Not to minimize the plan: it’s definitely vital to organizations.  However, sometimes the process of creating the plan is just as important.  It’s your opportunity to have rich conversation with stakeholders who are personally and professionally invested in the mission and share ideas about envisioning better outcomes for clients.  Listed below are five quick ideas that are intended as suggestions to be included along with the activities that you already conduct.  These ideas will help ensure that the process of strategic planning is also…well, strategic.